cupcakes mmmm zzzz mmmm

August 1, 2009

almost done making cupcakes for the Smackdown.  for the chocolate category i’ve made Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes spiced with my freshly ground home made garam masala and  ancho chile powder, topped with Dulce Sin Leche Glaze & Shredded Coconut.  for the vanilla category i’m entering the Agave Nectar Cupcakes with Blueberry Mousse.  both cupcakes are vegan i should add (much love to the folks at Post Punk Kitchen for the inspiring recipes).  feeling pretty good about what i’m bringing to the competition tomorrow.  a couple of the hot chocolate ones had a minor structural collapse (that glaze is heavier than it looks, and this style of the chocolate ones are not as strong as the regular vegan chocolate ones), but i think it will work out during tasting since each cupcake has to be sliced up a few ways to get around to all the judges.  won’t know exactly how the mousse turned out until morning tomorrow, but it looks amazing right now.  will post pics soon.


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